Who We Are

Hands of Comfort Foundation, Inc. is a mission driven organization committed to helping individuals emerge from crisis and trauma through a process of intervention, education and support that empowers individuals to positively transform their lives. We believe that by supporting individuals through life challenges and transitions such as divorce, grief, financial displacement, and bullying we can minimize mental and emotional distress that may cause someone to downward spiral and become suicidal.

HOCF offers a safe haven for men, women and teens suffering with mental and emotional distress caused by sudden or unexpected trauma that is beyond their control. We provide a safe place for them to turn for support. HOCF provides resources for obtaining multidisciplinary therapy services that are designed to meet clients where they are and support them in their journey from crisis and trauma to resilience and health. We offer life skills and leadership training, coping skills, and grief support.

Our programs are provided free or at a low-cost and include a 24-hour Comfort line, monthly support groups (live & virtual), social mixers, destination retreats, art therapy, education and awareness programs. The programs are focused on helping men, women and teens, build and strengthen their emotional health and well-being.

Meet Our Founder

shapeimage_10Patrina McDonald-Green, Founder/President, After experiencing the tragic loss of her husband to suicide in 2009 and learning that she was pregnant with her fourth child, Patrina McDonald-Green found herself in need of support outside of her family and friends to help deal with the emotional distress and grief brought on by the tragedy. Patrina quickly realized that the healing and communal support needed by herself and her children was limited to scarce resources.

In her darkest hour Patrina made a decision to dedicate her time and energy into the vision of Hands of Comfort Foundation. Patrina has created a place where people can feel comfortable Taking off the Mask” that we all sometimes wear, a place where they feel comfortable reaching out for help when faced with traumatic life experiences, or emotional distress.

HOCF Community Programs & Services

Festival24 Hour Comfort-line: Our 24 hour comfort-line offers support and resources to those in need. Its a place to be heard and comforted through your emotional distress.

Monthly Support Groups: Our monthly support groups provide a safe haven to discuss the challenges and emotional distress that you are currently experiencing. Our trained staff of facilitators offer coping skills and help you come up with viable solutions. These groups are vacillated both live and virtually.

Destination Retreats: Destination retreats allow an individual time away from their normal environment to process emotions and re-connect with themselves. It is an opportunity visit a beautiful natural habitat and just be still, allowing our clients time to recover from trauma’s and/or flush out and explore disempowering habits and beliefs that could be effecting their lives. Self care and life skills training are the main focus of these retreats. With carefully scheduled days that include individual and group coaching, quiet time, activities, and nature. Individuals return from these retreats rested, renewed, and hopeful.

Healing Through Art Therapy Programs: Recognizing that art and expression are critical component to youth development- educationally, emotionally, psychologically, and culturally, we have developed a unique and innovative program to help students express themselves through the world of art and to create their own artistic expressions and statements. Through this project, consisting of a artist /instructor facilitated art workshop of creating art and a gallery showing of it, provides youth with the opportunity to express themselves freely and then be recognized for their expressions and talents.

Life Skills/Coping Skills Training: Individual and group life skills training and workshops are scheduled periodically throughout the year. These events are facilitated live and virtually via webinars and tele-seminars.

Social Rehabilitation Mixers: HOCF believes that reacclimatizing into society after a trauma is important. We aim to host quality social mixers and events that provide a safe environment for our clients to share personal stories and connect with others that may have shared their experience. Here we celebrate the triumph over the tragedies and acknowledge the survivor for their strength and endurance.

Anti-Bullying/Childhood Obesity Camps: HOCF organizes and hosts an annual camps for teens focused on the issues of obesity and bullying. These camps combine education, mentoring, physical activity, art, performance and more to create a life changing, perception shifting experience for our campers.

Get Involved

HOCF would like to invite you to join our HOCF family. We are looking for compassionate individuals who enjoy comforting others and would love to volunteer time with Hands of Comfort Foundation.Teen Event 2

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